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Onocart is your neighborhood online marketplace offering products & services from local stores and shops. Look for coupons and deals for extra savings, schedule appointment with your service provider and shop online or at our seller's location near you. is an online multi-seller marketplace, a virtual “Mega Mall”. It allows each participating Seller to create their own dynamic web-stores with branded front page, business description, a list of physical locations with maps, and post products, services, coupons, and deals for sale.

Sellers with paid premium accounts have optional Image and Video Galleries, Appointment Scheduler, and other important selling and promotional tools.

Basic Free account allows smaller sized businesses to try features and establish their presence online without any financial risks. 

All Sellers pay a small Transaction Fee on every sale made on

Buyers have an opportunity to purchase goods and services, set appointments, purchase special “Deal” offers and print Coupons with discounts and other special offers.  



Mobile Applications. COMING SOON

Mobile Applications will be offered free of charge to Buyers and Sellers for easier access to Ono-Cart system and in order to manage their transactions.

Buyers Shopping & To-Do List App

  • Buyers create a list of items they need to purchase and choose preferred Sellers. 
  • Buyers create shopping schedules, integrated with GPS and Maps.
  • Buyer communicate directly with Sellers.
  • App also keeps track of Buyer’s expenses, time, and provides Buyer with other important resources and comprehensive reports.

Onocart / Shopsuley Sellers Dashboard App

  • Sellers Dashboard is a set of tools for Sellers to control their sales, Appointment Schedule (Premium Account only), and other controls.
  • Sellers Dashboard allows Seller to communicate directly with their Buyers.


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