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Suléy Group Mission & Philosophy:

Our mission and goals are to build, develop, and perfect an adaptive social, media, and business environment in ever-changing fast-paced modern world and to share our knowledge, philosophy, and experiences based on fundamental scientific research of human behavior and social interactions, critical analysis of philosophical views, and deep understanding of what is conscious and what is life

What Suléy Group is about:

1. Communication - connecting and uniting people instead of dividing. We believe that the issues that are common for all humans and are crucial for survival of our civilization, should prevail over outdated traditions, which resist the progress and are contradicting with reality.  

2. Information & Education - help people to develop critical thinking, become open-minded, help them to navigate consciously through the overflow of information around us, to empower people with knowledge and to encourage them to learn more about life in all its expressions and phenomena. 

3. Business & Personal Growth - we are building an innovative business & social infrastructure with such features and conditions, that would provide entrepreneurs and individuals a natural environment with opportunities for growth and sustainability. Infrastructure in which branding, marketing, and advertising processes are flowing in line with consumer needs, desires, and interests versus aggressive marketing practices of funneling, indoctrination, and forceful imposition, which many businesses are promoting today.

4. Creativity & Innovations - we promote and support all types of artistic expression and innovative ideas. Influence of arts and science on our lives is tremendous. It is one of our most important missions and goals to support and cherish uniquely gifted artists and talented explorers and innovators. We believe that crave for scientific and technological innovations has a similar nature as the need for artistic expressions. Altogether, arts and science are driving forces of human evolution and progress. 

5. Lifestyle & Culture  - promoting Quality of Life is one of our most important missions because without it no business or other human activity makes sense and value. It also adds a powerful incentive for people to strive for success and personal growth. On a contrary, those who do not value human life as a highest domain, those lead humanity to destruction and extinction.