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About SULÉY Group

SULÉY Group is a developer of Cross-Industry Business & Media Ecosystem (CIBME), which consists of social, media, business, educational, and cultural environments.

Cross-Industry Business & Media Ecosystem (CIBME) is designed for the people, where people are in the center of everything that is happening around: events, opportunities, new impressions and experiences

CIBME is the XXI century ecosystem that combines digital and real life environments where people meet, communicate, learn, grow, create, work, start businesses and reach their biggest dreams. 

CIBME main components are: media portal Suléy Era, marketplaces such as and, Club Suléy - exclusive social network, and educational portal Suléy University. 


 CIBME Sites:

Suléy Era  |  Shop Suléy  |  Club Suléy  |  BeYon'Me |  Onocart  |  Suléy University